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A Study on Surface Chemical Behaviour of Solid State Nuclear Track Detector Films by Etching

The etching is a process of modifying the flat smooth surface to identify the structure, phases, and other effects such as the orientation of grains, deformation and distribution of solute elements.  Due to the chemical reaction between the etchant and the detector material, some molecules of the detectors are removed.  The etchant used for LR-115 detectors in the present study is aqueous NaOH solution with 2.5 N.  The bulk etch rate has been estimated by varying the etching time, keeping the etching temperature constant. It has seen that, the bulk etch rate remains almost constant during etching. The result indicates that, rate of chemical etching is uniform in different intervals of etching time.  The average bulk etch rate obtained from experiments was in good agreement with the standard value obtained from earlier experiments.

A Study on the Religious Beliefs in the Choice of Treatment Modalities

Religious beliefs of persons who seek medical care is very often discussed in research circles to find out its impact or efficacy in the very healing process. The paper based on a masters level study in medical social work tries to explore the influence of religious background of the persons who seek medical care in different hospitals having a religious significance. The study is qualitative in nature and based on available literature and case studies try to explore the importance of religious beliefs and practices in choosing the type of hospitals for treatment. The study result shows significant correlation between the choice of the patient and religious orientation of the place of treatment at greater extent.

A Study on Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction: A Critical Analysis on the Personnel in Catholic Hospitals in Kerala

Organisational climate is the human environment in which the employees work and it provides a favourable or unfavourable setting for Job satisfaction. This paper is a pre-research discussion based on available literature upon Organisational climate and Job satisfaction in the perspective of prospective study on Organizational climate in relation to Job satisfaction in the context of Catholic hospitals in the state of Kerala, India. The literature survey indicates a positive correlation between Organisational climate and Job satisfaction. However, the variables that determine the organisational climate in a Catholic hospital would be different from other private hospitals. Therefore, there could be remarkable variation in the Job satisfaction derived in such situation. The present study is following a mixed methodology as the quantitative data will provide correlation between the variables and qualitative data would help in objective analysis of subjective experience of the clients studied

Practical Implication of Art Integration in a CBSE School: A Qualitative Study

Art has its history from the time immemorial. Art being the creative expression of human being now integrated in the education system with multifaceted objectives to make learning interesting and to make learning process proactive, interactive, participatory and more effective in cognitive, affective and attitude enhancement levels. This paper is based on a qualitative study in a CBSE school in Assam using ethnographic methodology to analyse and appreciate the practical implication of art integration at primary and secondary education levels. The study used focused group discussion to collect opinions of teachers, students and parents and general discussion based on available literature. The study result shows that art integration created interest in studies and made the students active participants in the learning process. It also enhanced better parental appreciation and made teachers to adopt student-oriented education methods and pedagogy. As the CBSE curriculum insist on art integrated education from the year 2019, the attempt is a valid model to be replicated across the country in India and beyond the border. 

Role and Support of Animal Husbandry Programmes for the Promotion of Farmers in Kerala: A Study from Kasaragod

The study examined the role and developmental support of animal husbandry programmes for the promotion of farmers in the rural areas of Kerala and revealed the dependence on their livelihood. Livestock includes cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and poultry. Majority of the farmers have only primary level education. Climate change, low availability of fodder and feed, disease and lack of veterinary services are the major problems. Absence of good access to market and unavailability of various incentives for improving the care and breeding of animals create lot of problems to farmers. 

A Study on Effects of Mobile Phone Use Practice among College Students

In today’s technically advanced society, mobile phones have become indispensable communication devices especially among youth. In two or so decades of its presence, mobile phone culture has been developed in which mobile phones are used for starting and maintaining relationships, exhibiting individual identity and belongingness, claiming membership of a social group and thus emphasizing personal status. The impact of cell phones on today’s youth is enormous. In this regard an attempt has been made to examine the effects of mobile phone use practice among college going students of Bantwal Taluk, Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka State. The objective of this study was mainly to address the effects of mobile phone on the academic performance, social relationship and health of the respondents. A descriptive research design was considered keeping in view of the objectives of the study. The findings of the study reveal that mobiles have become an important social technology for youth.  Mobiles are becoming a crucial element being part of their life and mobile users become agitated when they are away from mobile phones. Mobile phone makes them secure at their place and thus reduces stress level as they can communicate with others instantaneously. But surely sleep is disturbed as they keep on checking for messages / calls which can be hazardous to their health. The study recommend to sensitize students on adverse effects of over use of mobiles and providing right knowledge on appropriate and wise ways of using mobile in their academic development.  It also suggests that appropriate regulations to be laid down in educational institutions in fostering right behaviour among students on college campus in using mobiles

Total Factor Productivity (TFP) of Productive Resources Used in Homestead Poultry Broiler Farms in Niger State of Nigeria

The present research measured The Total Factor Productivity (TFP) of productive resources used in homestead poultry broiler farms in Niger State of Nigeria, using structured questionnaire complemented with interview schedule to collect cross-sectional data from a drawn sample size of 97 active broiler producers via multi-stage sampling design. The data analysis was performed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings from the study showed evidence of productive labour force in the enterprise, literate farming population with sustainable household size typical of African agrarian setting. The enterprise was found to be profitable in the studied area. Furthermore, findings showed that marginally above the sampling population were productive in the utilization of their input resources which may be due to technical awareness of  the  modern poultry management techniques in the studied area. Thereafter, it was observed that gender status, experience, capital source and operational capital were the factors undermining farmers TFP. Therefore, study recommended gender sensitization and the need for public private partnership synergy to explore the untapped potentials in this sub-sector in the studied area as almost half of the farmers were found not to be productive in the utilization of their resources.


A Study on Medical Social Work Intervention and Patient Satisfaction

Social work is a professional and academic discipline that  seeks  to  improve the quality of life and enhance wellbeing of individuals, families, couples, groups, and communities through research, policy planning, community development, direct practice, crisis intervention, ensuring social welfare and security for those affected by social disadvantages such as poverty, psychosocial care to mentally and physically disabled, and raising voices against social injustice for social reforms, including social actions against violations of civil liberties and human rights.

Objectives of the study are to explore the nature of social work intervention   and to discover the relationship between medical social worker intervention and patient satisfaction.

Methodology includes both qualitative and quantitative methods using in- depth interview and structured interview schedule. A total no, of 100 samples were collected for screening and 10 samples taken for case study.

Results and discussion shows that the social worker’s psycho-social intervention in hospital would help the patient to open up and understand their problem, cope with the situation, follow up of the treatment and take proper decision, to lead future life in a better way. This study shows that effectiveness of medical social worker intervention in reducing the psycho-social problems both patient and the family members. Motivation, therapies, different health related educations, positive reinforcement and suggestions helped patients to adjust with the situation and overcome from the problem. Social worker plays a major role in every setting, especially in the entire process of rehabilitation, hospital setting and NGOs to provide psycho-social support to the people.

A Study to Assess the Psycho-Social Problems among Adolescent Students of Selected Pre-University Colleges

Psycho-social problems have been identified as vital among adolescents at particular times when they enter the Pre-University. The various reasons were examination stress, personal and family life events. Psychosocial health problems are one of the hidden public health problems amongst the children and adolescents. Early identification, diagnosis and interventions are very important for preventing further complications. The aim of the study is      to assess the psycho-social problems among adolescent students of selected Pre-University colleges. Taking 286 adolescent students from 3 Pre University Colleges of Belthangady Taluk of Dakshina Kannada district were selected through purposive sampling method. A set of structured questionnaire and Y-PSC was adopted to collect data, which were analyzed using SPSS software. Out of 286 adolescent students 25.5% were suffering with psychosocial dysfunction. Female students (17.5%) were more affected, compared to male students (8%). The psycho-social condition is significantly associated with demographic variable age and the type of abuse at home. More  active  measures like awareness and education programs for students, training for parents and teachers need to be given to take care of psychological and social health of adolescents.

A Study on the Use of Social Networking Sites among the Youth and Their Family

The use of networking sites among the people of India is evidently increasing, particularly among the   college students. It has invariably left a   big impact on society in general and college students in particular. Now social media is an integral part of adolescents and it is the major form of electronic communication. However, this article describes about how the social networking sites influence the youth and their - family relationships.

Objectives of the study are to explore the impact of social networking sites among youth and how these sites affect the family relationship of the youth       as well as to check the negative and positive impact of SNS usage. Methodology includes both qualitative and quantitative research design with descriptive and case study method. A total number, of 30 samples were collected for screening and 10 samples were taken for case study. Here 2 cases were discussed.


Results and discussion shows that the usage of SNS has pretentious interpersonal relationships between these students and their family members. Large number  of respondents (63.3%) agreed that SNS has affected their personal and interpersonal relationships. This study clearly pointed out that the personal life and social life of the youth is affected by the use of SNS.


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