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Socio-Economic Condition of Beedi Workers: A Case Study in Puttur Taluk

Beedi rolling has a very important role for rural people especially women. This is generally done by poor households in backward areas where the workers have usually no other means of sustainable employment. It is because of the beedi many rural people have been benefited and improved their condition. To support the beedi workers the government of India has launched programmes like scholarships for their children, providing bonus to the workers, health cards, PF and gratuity. In this context, through this paper a small effort has been made to know the socio-economic condition of beedi workers in Puttur taluk. The study is conducted in Puttur taluk to know how the beedi workers are benefited by these schemes. The purpose of this paper is to create awareness among rural people and to know their socio- economic condition.

A Study on Consumer Satisfaction on Maggi Noodles

Consumer satisfaction is a term frequently used in marketing. It is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company to meet or to surpass its customer expectation. Customer satisfaction is defined as the number of customers or percentage of total customers, who’s reported experience with a firm its products, or its services exceeds specified satisfaction goals. The Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) endorses the definitions, purposes, and constructs of classes of measures that appear in marketing metrics as part of its ongoing common language in marketing project in a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 71 percent responded that they found a customer satisfaction metric very useful in managing and monitoring their businesses. It is seen as a key performance indicator within business and is often a part of balanced scorecard. In a competitive marketplace where business competes for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy.

Job Satisfaction of Employees with Special Reference to CAMPCO Chocolate Factory, Darbe, Puttur

Job satisfaction is the end feeling of a person after performing a task. To the extent that a person’s job fulfils his casual needs and in consistency with expectations and values, the job will be satisfying. The feeling would be positive depending upon whether need is satisfied or not. Job satisfaction and occupational success are major factors in personal satisfaction, self-respect, self-esteem, and self-development. To the worker, job satisfaction brings a pleasurable emotional state that can often leads to a positive work attitude. A satisfied worker is more likely to be creative, flexible, innovative and loyal.For the organization, job satisfaction of its workers means a work force that is motivated and committed to high quality performance. Hence this paper examines the job satisfaction levels of employees provided by the factory and it examines the ways of promoting the job satisfaction of employees. The population for the study consists of employees of CAMPCO Chocolate Factory, Puttur. 50 respondents were taken for the study. The technique used for the study is simple random sampling technique. Primary and Secondary data available also made use for the study purpose. The results show that there is significant amount of job satisfaction among the employees of CAMPCO.

Fermat s Last Theorem for the Case n = 3

Fermat’s Last Theorem is one of the most difficult and famous problems in mathematics which was unsolved for more than 350 years. Fermat himself proved the theorem for the case n=4. Leonardo Euler gave the proof for the first odd prime number 3. But his proof was not complete. It contained a fallacious argument which he didn’t recognize. To correct it by the most direct method, that of supplying an alternative proof of the statement for which Euler’s proof is fallacious is not at all simple. Here in this paper we show how the proof can be corrected in a less direct way by bringing in arguments which Euler used to prove other propositions of Fermat. Thus we get a complete proof of the theorem for the case n=3.

Analysis of Social Security Scheme: A Study in Peraje Village

The social protection to the working class people plays crucial role in the time of accidents; mishappenings and at the time of old age. A country will develop when it has more productive labours. When it comes to the labour welfare and development, the social security scheme stands first. Government has launched many social security schemes but it focused only on organized sector workers in reality. From the decade, major portion of unorganized sector workers are denied by the basic social security schemes like PF, ESI, gratuity etc. Many attempts were made by the various Governments to overcome this problem. Keeping this in mind Government of India has launched JAN SURAKSHA scheme under Financial Inclusion Programme in 2015. The three social security schemes like PMSBY (accidental benefit scheme), PMJJBY(Any type of death compensation scheme) and APY (old age pension scheme) were introduced by the government in order to give social protection to the unorganized sectors of India. The study is conducted in Peraje village to know how these schemes obtained and reached to the unorganized sector workers of the village. The purpose of my research is to create awareness and to evaluate the performance of proposed social security schemes like PMSBY, PMJJBY and APY scheme in Peraje village of Madikeri Taluk.

Faceopedia - High Speed Face Recognition Using DCT RBF Neural Network

The paper titled “FACEOPEDIA”- A High speed face recognition system using DCT RBF Neural Network is designed to identify the face. There are number of algorithm proposed to do the task of face recognition. The face recognition is one of the most trending and new research area where several research activities are taking place. The face is composed of a complex structure; it varies from person to person. There are several applications regarding the face recognition, they are: attendance system, door opening system, authentication system etc. In this project we are using Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) algorithm along with the Radial Basis Function Neural network. The neural network is needed to identify the complex facial architecture present in the face. The DCT will reduce the dimension and also extracts the essential features of the face.

Repositioning India’s Cotton Lint Export Direction

Following the recent non-impressive performance in the export volume of its cotton lint which in turn affected its foreign exchange earnings from the sector due to bear raid by USA and China price subsidies which caused imperfection in the global trade market, the researchers conceptualized the need to identify the magnitude and effects of the key drivers of India’s cotton lint exports using Engel-Granger two-step procedure. The study used dated data spanning from 1981 to 2013 which were sourced from FAO and UNCTAD databases. The results of the long-run and short-run models showed that India’s cotton lint export is stimulated mostly by the internal economic forces. However, export growth of the product was hindered by both the domestic and external forces. In this regard, in as much as the negative impact on India’s cotton lint due to distortion induced downward pressure on world prices caused by price subsidies offered by China and USA, inefficiencies and constraints in the domestic environment would preclude India from appropriately exploiting opportunities and adjusting to unexpected market developments in the short-run. Therefore, to revitaliz the gloomy export trade of India’s cotton lint, policy makers and various stakeholders in the industry should put in place measures to address domestic inefficiencies over which the country has some control compared to inefficiencies on the global market, thus placing the country in a better position to exploit market opportunities and adjust to unexpected developments in the shortest possible time.

A Study on Psycho-social Burden of Women after Surgical Removal of Breast

Breast cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in women, is the disease women fear most. Breast cancer can also occur in men, but it’s far less common. Along with the physical trauma the psychological and social burden of breast cancer is severe and medical treatment must be complimented by psychosocial intervention for better result. This is the study to explore the psycho social and physical burden of women affected by breast cancer.

The objective of the study is to explore the physical burden of women after surgical removal of the breast, to discover the psychological burden of the women after the removal of the breast and to explore the social burden of women after removal of breast. The methodology is qualitative with case study method.

The study result shows that most of the respondents had physical discomfort, pain, infection and allergic reactions and psychological trauma including depression, anxiety and shyness. They were also withdrawing from social functions and scared of the society. The study has the social work implications in the areas of social work interventions to assess and diagnose the psycho social burden and to provide help in managing them.

Colloidal Processing and Slip Casting of Mullite

Mullite an aluminosilicate ceramic due to its excellent refractory, mechanical and dielectric properties find wide applications as structural and high temperature ceramics as well as for electric and optical applications. Slip casting is a well established shaping or forming method to fabricate ceramic shapes having simple to reasonably complicated shapes. In the present study commercially available mullite powders were characterized for crystallographic phase purity, particle size distribution and morphology. The optimum dispersion condition of the powder in de-ionised water was studied through measurement of zeta potential as a function of pH. The mullite powder dispersed in deionised water with and without addition of MgO was slip cast in plaster mould. The slip cast samples were sintered at different temperatures to study the effect of MgO addition on the sinterability of mullite. The products were characterized for density, porosity and microstructure.

Occupational Stress among Long Route Truck Drivers: A Study

Long route truck drivers are the people who travel from one place to another to deliver goods by truck or trolleys. Researchers have identified a number of health concerns and other health related issues, which include obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. These conditions are very prevalent in the trucking industry, and impact not only the driver’s health, but also their ability to stay on the road (Thorpe, 2017). Long working hours, night work, or spending extended periods on the road away from friends and family can isolate drivers and levee them too exhausted to nourish their relationships. This descriptive study was undertaken among 200 long route truck drivers to find out the occupational stress experienced by the ong route truck drivers. Purposive sampling technique was followed. The study indicates that these drivers experience tremendous stress in several areas. The study suggests that these drivers should have a periodical medical checkup and counseling services to find out the problems related to their ailments and take steps to reduce the same.

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