PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Health, Safety and Welfare Schemes in Association with Job Contracts and Training among Migrant Construction Workers in Gurgaon, India




Post pandemic reimmigration of unorganised construction workers in India too witnessed various ups and downs like other nations. The survey conducted by an NGO in Gurgaon, Haryana state, India highlights health, safety, sanitation, and welfare schemes in association with job contracts and training programs. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the primary data shows inadequate training programs leading to health and safety hazards among migrant construction workers in the study area. Although half of the work force is satisfied with the working conditions, hardly any of them are registered in any government welfare schemes like e-shram which is designed for unorganised migrant workers in India. The study indicates a dire need for training programs, particularly in the safety and health fields, and recommends focusing on the welfare of the unorganised workers, considering them on par with any other work force in the country who contributes to the GDP (Gross domestic product) of the nation.



Unorganized Migrant Construction Workers; Health and Safety Training; Welfare Schemes

Author Affiliations

Prince C P1*, Sinimole K R2

1. P G Department of Psychology, Salesian College, Siliguri, West Bengal

2. Business Analytics, Rajagiri Business School, Kakkanad, Kerala


15 February 2023