PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Extent of Underemployment among Government Service Employees in Kerala




Underemployment in the public sector is defined as a situation in which government employees are employed below their education or skill level, or their availability. It is a social problem that affects job growth, career growth and the emotional health of underemployed workers. The study checked the extent of underemployment among Kerala government service employees in the context of their education, age and gender wise analysis. The result revealed that age matters in the perception of employees on underemployment and is negatively related to underemployment. In the case of lower age people, they consider them as underemployed while aged people do not bother about it. Gender and qualification do not play a role in the employee’s perception of feeling on underemployment.



Government Service, Employees, Underemployment, Kerala

Author Affiliations

Manju P V 1, Narayanan P 1, Karunakaran N 2*

1 Department of Economics, KMM Govt. Women’s College, Kannur, 670004, Kerala, India

2 Department of Economics, People Institute of Management Studies (PIMS), Munnad-Post, Chengala (Via), Kasaragod, 671541, Kerala, India


15 February 2023