PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

The Need and Importance of Parenting Education


Parents are the most responsible persons in the upbringing of the children.  Positive parenting  supports  a child  to  become good  person and citizen. We always think seriously about the value-based education, formation and  training  given  to  the  children  to  be  effective  citizens  of  the  society. However, we think less of the formation and education given to the parents who have to mould the behaviour and character of the children. In the modern society where the challenges to family life are more, where the parents struggle to meet the expectations of the children, a parent should be equipped to handle the responsibility of parenting with proper knowledge, attitude, aptitude and skills. If so, parents need proper training and education. Mixed methodology is used for the study. The result of this study shows that majority of the parents do not have any orientation or training in preparation to their marital life or parental responsibility. Hence, the study comes out with the most important suggestion  of need  and importance  of parenting education in  the  modern society. 



Parenting, Parenting Education, Upbringing of the Children, Developmental Stages of the Children, Challenges Faced by the Parents.

Author Affiliations

Mani K J*, Jilly John

Department of Social Work, Central University Kasaragod


August 2020

Volume 6

No 2