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Sunrise from the Debris: Mansarovar Model of Slum People's Participatory Emancipation


Urbanization and fleeing from villages to cities are very high in India. Urban population and economy are mixed one where we meet richest and poorest, people highly accessed to all the facilities and people extremely neglected even for their primary needs, some living in luxuries and others striving for the survival. Urban slums are also in some extent neglected face of urban life. There are around 6.5 crore people living in urban slums in India. If we look at the top ten states having high rate of slum population Maharashtra comes first and Delhi comes at 10th rank. This research study is based on the works done by an NGO in a slum called Mansarovar Park, Delhi. This paper is dealing with the issues and problems that slum people had undergone in relation to their health and hygiene, education transportation etc and how the NGO could intervene on the issues and problems. This is a qualitative study based on the focused group discussion conducted on 14th November 2021 at Mansarovar Park Slum, Dilshad Garden, Delhi. There were seven participants in the focused group discussion among them four were representing the slum, then social worker and two researchers. The data recorded and it presented in verbatim form and it is analyzed and presented here thematically. The major findings of the study are that: There were health and hygienic issues which led to malaria and other diseases; people were aware of the need of awakening from the current situation to build up a healthy environment for their survival and this particular NGO played a vital role for the empowerment and sensitization of the people and enhancing people participation in the slum by supportive systems.



People Participation, Slum Development, Empowerment, Sensitization.

Author Affiliations

Anish Joseph1*, Prince C P2

1 Asha Bhavan, Satara, Maharashtra, 415004, India

2 P G Department of Psychology, Salesian College, Siliguri, 734004


15 February, 2022