PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Studies on Cell Inactivation Efficiency of Gamma and Proton Radiation Using MTT Assay


The radiation damage of proton beam on tissues and cells has attracted attention and the unique radiobiological effects make proton radiation a useful tool for the investigation of radiation damage mechanisms.  Potential use of protons and other charged particles for cancer treatment offer several advantages over low LET radiation cancer therapy.  In the present study the effect of different doses of gamma and proton beams from the Folded Tandem Ion Accelerator (FOTIA) on human tumor adeno carcinoma (HT 29) cells has been analysed using MTT (Thiazolyl Blue Tetrazolium Bromide) assay.   The cell proliferation of HT 29 cells after irradiation has been anlysed using MTT assay after a post irradiation incubation of 72 hrs.  The results of these investigations are presented and discussed in the paper.



Proton Beam, Gamma Radiation, Accelerator, Cell Survival, MTT Assay

Author Affiliations

Praveen Joseph1, Bhat N2, Narayana Y3

1 Dept of Physics, St Joseph’s College, Moolamattom, Arakulam Idukki, Kerala - 685 591 

2 RPAD, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai - 400 085 

3 Dept of Studies in Physics Mangalore University, Mangalagangotri - 574 199 


August 2015

Volume 1


No 2