PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Role and Support of Animal Husbandry Programmes for the Promotion of Farmers in Kerala: A Study from Kasaragod


The study examined the role and developmental support of animal husbandry programmes for the promotion of farmers in the rural areas of Kerala and revealed the dependence on their livelihood. Livestock includes cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and poultry. Majority of the farmers have only primary level education. Climate change, low availability of fodder and feed, disease and lack of veterinary services are the major problems. Absence of good access to market and unavailability of various incentives for improving the care and breeding of animals create lot of problems to farmers. 



 Animal Husbandry, Role and Support, Programmes, Farmers, Kerala.

Author Affiliations

Karunakaran N *, Sareena M

Department of Economics, EKNM Government College, Kasaragod, Kerala, India


Febraury 2020

Volume 6

No 1