PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Production and Export of Organic Products: Opportunities and Challenges


Organic farming is one of the most important and celebrated systems of agriculture from the point of view of agricultural sustainability. It combines modern scientific techniques of cultivation with tradition to benefit the environment and ecosystem in general and promote a good quality of life for all in particular. It has a concealed production and trade opportunities for both developing and developed countries. The production and market for organic products have been growing continuously for the past two decades. Organic products are often traded with a price premium in domestic as well as international markets. However, the production and marketing possibilities are underutilized all over the world, especially in developing countries. The organic farming movement in India is showing modest growth both in terms of production and marketing. There exists an unexplored market potential for organic products both domestically and internationally.



Organic Farming, Export, Opportunities, Challenges.

Author Affiliations

Babu C1, Karunakaran N 2*

1 Department of Economics, EKNM Government College, Elerithattu, Nileshwar, 671314, Kerala, India.

2 Department of Economics, People Institute of Management Studies (PIMS), Munnad Post, Chengala (Via), Kasaragod, 671541, Kerala, India.



Volume 7

No 2