PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Practical Implication of Art Integration in a CBSE School: A Qualitative Study


Art has its history from the time immemorial. Art being the creative expression of human being now integrated in the education system with multifaceted objectives to make learning interesting and to make learning process proactive, interactive, participatory and more effective in cognitive, affective and attitude enhancement levels. This paper is based on a qualitative study in a CBSE school in Assam using ethnographic methodology to analyse and appreciate the practical implication of art integration at primary and secondary education levels. The study used focused group discussion to collect opinions of teachers, students and parents and general discussion based on available literature. The study result shows that art integration created interest in studies and made the students active participants in the learning process. It also enhanced better parental appreciation and made teachers to adopt student-oriented education methods and pedagogy. As the CBSE curriculum insist on art integrated education from the year 2019, the attempt is a valid model to be replicated across the country in India and beyond the border. 



 Art Integrated Education, Participatory, Creativity, Studentoriented Learning.

Author Affiliations

Prince C P

Principal, Green Dale School, Rangapara, Assam


Febraury 2020

Volume 6

 No 1