PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Innotransformative Trajectory of the Pandemic Covid-19


 The data on Coronavirus were changing on daily basis, and it was difficult to provide current statistics for the affected, recovered and casualties. However, based on some initial studies, a few characteristics were emerging for this virus. This paper is based on the review of published papers in journals and news papers about multifaced effects of the pandemic. The review shows that there is an innovative transformation in the form of the trajectory of the pandemic in different spears of human life. Starting from the event in China its spread in 97% of the nations created economic, social, psychological, environmental, ethical and work life issues. The result of the studies upon the pandemic is exhaustive and only selected spears were analysed to arrive at the conclusion of its transformative results and characteristics.



Pandemic, Innotransformation, Trajectory, Multifaceted Effects.

Author Affiliations

Prince C P*

Consultant, PRACHODANA Social Service Society, J-62, Paryavaran Complex, IGNOU Road, Neb Sarai, New Delhi 


February 2021

Volume 7

 No 1