PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Empowering the Small Rubber Growers through Rubber Producers’ Societies in Non-traditional Areas of Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka: An Analysis


The Indian rubber plantation sector is dominated by smallholdings, which account for almost 93 percent of the total rubber production in the country. Small rubber growers suffer from problems like low productivity, poor quality of processing and weak marketing system. The prevalence of smallholdings makes the sector vulnerable to fluctuations in price, exploitation by intermediaries, etc. To overcome the problems of small rubber growers, the formation of co-operatives called Rubber Producers’ Societies (RPSs) was suggested. The present study has assessed the role of RPSs in Empowering the Small Rubber Growers in providing services for input delivery, processing and marketing of natural rubber in DK. The study has revealed that RPS members have a lower cost of production and better price realization for their product compared to non-members. Group processing and community smoke house facility help in production of good quality rubber sheets. Key services provided by RPSs have been under five major categories, viz. marketing, financial efficiency, infrastructural and social factors.



Rubber Producers’ Societies, Natural Rubber, Small Holders, Harvesting, Processing.

Author Affiliations

Giridhara Gowda K1, Sureshramana Mayya2

1. Dept of Commerce and Management, NM College Sullia.

2. MGM College Udupi - 576102.


August- 2016

volume  2

No 2