PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Assessment of Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk in an Endosulfan Spread Area, Kasaragod


Present study is an attempt to assess the radioactivity level and thereby obtaining the radiological parameters in and around the Rajapuram cashew plantation, an endosulfan spread area, Kasaragod in order to understand the associated health risk to the residents of the area.  The external gamma radiation  survey  has  been  carried  out  using  a  sensitive  portable  plastic scintillometer (UR-705).  The radiological parameters viz. absorbed dose rate (D), annual effective dose rate (indoor & outdoor), and excess lifetime cancer risk (ELCR) were calculated, compared with the reported values elsewhere and possible conclusions are drawn.  The values of radiological parameters are well within the permissible limits except the annual effective dose rate (indoor). The study clearly indicates that,  the potential carcinogenic effects and the probability of occurrence of cancer to the inhabitance due to gamma radiation exposure is insignificant.  The results of these systematic investigations are presented and discussed in detail in the manuscript. 



Endosulfan,  Cancer,  Gamma  Radiation,  Kerala,  Cashew Plantation.

Author Affiliations

Nijin A V1, Vineethkumar V2 and Prakash V2

1 Department of PG Studies in Physics, NASC, Kanghangad, Kannur, Kerala 

2 Department of PG Studies and Research in Physics, Payyanur College, Kannur, Kerala 


August 2020

Volume 6

No 2