PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

Alternative Organizational Climate, Changing Scenarios in Catholic Hospitals


Changing scenario of organizational climate in the catholic hospitals of Kerala and Karnataka were studied in the context of job satisfaction. The methodology used was qualitative in approach and narrative in design. The paper focused on the subjective experiences of selected nurses and ancillary staff. The objective of the part of the doctoral study was focused on the variables such as; 1) Communication flow, organizational structure and methodology of change in the administration, 2) Management policies in decision making, professional and personal growth 3) Personnel treatment in terms of organizational warmth and recognition and free from exploitation and stress and 4) Job Satisfaction, work group, leadership and communication. The result showed positive and favourable experience from the part of nursing and ancillary staff in both the states deriving an innovative model in the area of organizational climate that could be replicated in service-oriented health institutions.



Organizational Climate, Job Satisfaction, Catholic Hospitals.

Author Affiliations

Johny P R, Pradeep V S*

 Research Scholar, Department of Social Work, Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula Amroha, Uttar Pradesh



February 2021

Volume 7

 No 1