PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

A Study on the Use of Social Networking Sites among the Youth and Their Family


The use of networking sites among the people of India is evidently increasing, particularly among the   college students. It has invariably left a   big impact on society in general and college students in particular. Now social media is an integral part of adolescents and it is the major form of electronic communication. However, this article describes about how the social networking sites influence the youth and their - family relationships.

Objectives of the study are to explore the impact of social networking sites among youth and how these sites affect the family relationship of the youth       as well as to check the negative and positive impact of SNS usage. Methodology includes both qualitative and quantitative research design with descriptive and case study method. A total number, of 30 samples were collected for screening and 10 samples were taken for case study. Here 2 cases were discussed.


Results and discussion shows that the usage of SNS has pretentious interpersonal relationships between these students and their family members. Large number  of respondents (63.3%) agreed that SNS has affected their personal and interpersonal relationships. This study clearly pointed out that the personal life and social life of the youth is affected by the use of SNS.




Youth, Social Networking Sites (SNS), Family, Relationship

Author Affiliations


Arsitha Rani1, Srimani2

1. Psychiatric Social Worker, Kozhikode, Kerala

2. Department  of  Social  Work,  Centre  for  PG  Studies  and  Research,    St Philomena College, Puttur, 574202



August 2019

Volume 5

No. 2