PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

A Study on the Transport Behaviour of Cobalt (Co) in Mangroves


Mangroves are a unique habitat rich in biodiversity. They are known as the plant army of the land. Present study is an attempt to simulate the accumulation and transport behaviour of cobalt by mangroves in sewage sludge included soil. Plants found on such fields absorb heavy metals, which causes phyto-toxicity. This manuscript is based on the dynamic macroscopic numerical model for heavy metal movement. The model is applied for simulating cobalt transport by Common Derris (Derris trifoliate) and Sea Holly (Acanthus ilicifolius) using measured field information. The controlling non-linear differential equations are settled numerically utilizing MATLAB.



Simulation, Cobalt, Derris Trifoliate, Acanthus Ilicifolius, Phyto-toxicity, MATLAB.

Author Affiliations

Prakash V, Vinodkumar T*

Department of PG Studies & Research in Physics, Payyanur College Kannur, Kerala - 670327


February 2021

Volume 7

No 1