PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

A Study on the Religious Beliefs in the Choice of Treatment Modalities


Religious beliefs of persons who seek medical care is very often discussed in research circles to find out its impact or efficacy in the very healing process. The paper based on a masters level study in medical social work tries to explore the influence of religious background of the persons who seek medical care in different hospitals having a religious significance. The study is qualitative in nature and based on available literature and case studies try to explore the importance of religious beliefs and practices in choosing the type of hospitals for treatment. The study result shows significant correlation between the choice of the patient and religious orientation of the place of treatment at greater extent.



Religious Beliefs and Practices, Treatment Modalities, Religious Orientation of Hospitals.

Author Affiliations

Justin Raj1, Prince C P2

1 Mar Ivanios Public School Harmoti, Assam

2 Green Dale School Rangapara, Assam 


Febraury 2020

Volume 6

 No 1