PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

A Study on the Plight of the Students in the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic


Education is considered as one of the basic essentials of every individual. Student life is one the important stages where each individual gains the knowledge and mould himself to what he expects to be. The wave of the corona has showed no mercy even in the education sector, it adversely affected the students and their academics. The Investigators had the keen interest to know the current situations and challenges of the students and the expectations of the students that they hold in the present situation towards the education. Objectives of the study is to understand the present situation of the students, the problems faced by the students, to know whether students expect any alternative education methods and to know the alternative methods adopted to improve their education level in the current situation. The research design used is descriptive in nature. The results show that 66.1% of the students believe that their education has been affected severely due to the pandemic and 51.65% of students think the quality of education they should receive is not being received, also 46.9% students believe that they have lost their concentration level towards their studies. The overall result of the survey states that the students are facing a critical situation and the students, while dealing with current scenario, also undergoing depression. They have to be provided with proper guidance and training to deal with the current scenario and improve the quality of education.



Education, Covid-19, Pandemic, Students, Online Classes.

Author Affiliations

Thilakraj C, Srimani, Prathibha K

Department of Social Work, Centre of PG Studies and Research, St Philomena College, Puttur



Volume 7

No 2