PEARL Multidisciplinary Journal

A Study on the Effectiveness of Incentive Programmes at Aditya Birla Retail Pvt. Ltd Mangaluru


 Workforce today articulates more about their needs. Employees desire the best of everything – competitive salaries, comfortable and inspirational lifestyles, job security, career enhancement options, work-life balance, and so on. Competition for talent is ever increasing and organizations need to have well-defined philosophies and strategies to help them develop innovative ways of tapping intrinsic motivation of employees by engaging their hearts and minds. While many organisations are struggling to make sufficient progress in this direction, there are organizations that have institutionalized robust practices and effective processes in different people practice areas that go a long way in positively impacting employee perception. In this regard, two types of rewards are identified, and they are intrinsic reward and extrinsic reward. Extant research showed that reward can affect job satisfaction and thereby employee performance, so this study proposes a new framework based on mediating role of job satisfaction. India’s Best Companies for Rewards and Recognition was conceptualized to recognize companies who are leading the way in the area of Rewards and Recognition for us learns from. Human resources are the most important among all the resources an organization owns. To retain efficient and experienced workforce in an organization is very crucial in overall performance of an organization. Motivated employees can help make an organization competitively more value added and profitable. The present study would be an attempt to find out the major factors that motivate employees and to show relationship among reward, recognition and motivation while working within an organization. The data were collected from employees of diverse type of organizations to gain wide representation of sectoral composition. The participation in survey was voluntary and confidentiality of responses was ensured. The statistical analysis showed that different dimensions of work motivation and satisfaction are significantly correlated and reward and recognition have great impact on motivation of the employees. Implications of the study for managers and policy makers in the context of human resource practices have been discussed. Limitations and guidelines for future research are also provided. A meta-analytic review of all adequately designed field and laboratory research on the use of incentives to motivate performance is reported. Team-directed incentives had a markedly superior effect on performance compared to individually- directed incentives.



Job Satisfaction, Employee Performance, Reward, Recognition, Motivation, Incentives.

Author Affiliations

Sheethal Kumar K V1,  Anila D Shetty2

1. Department of Social Work, Centre for PG Studies and Research St Philomena College, Puttur

2. Senior Nodal Officer, Jan Aushadhi Kendra, Karnataka



February 2019

Volume 5

No. 1